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How To Attach a Flag to a Flagpole

How to Attach a Flag to a Flag pole


Using Cable Ties - (For flags/banners with grommets (outdoor or indoor use with pole))  Simply place a cable tie through the grommet and secure onto the flagpole.




Snap Hooks

(For flags/banners with grommets (outdoor use with rope))  Determine where to install the snap hooks:

1. For a new flag: Measure the distance between the grommets on your flag. This will be the same distance between the snap hooks on the rope.

2. Replacing old snap hooks: First, make sure any knots or other rope flaws that would prevent the rope from threading through the pulley are at the bottom of the rope circle and the snap hooks are close to the top. Lower the flag and put the new snap hooks in approximately the same location as the old snap hooks.

Then, thread the snap hooks: 1.Slip a loop through the eye of the snap hook. ‚ó¶Put the loop over the top of the snap hook & draw rope tight.




 (For flags/banners with pole hem and sewn-in tab (indoor or outdoor use))  Slide pole though sleeve of banner and push precut eye through the head of the brass screw.



E-Z Mount

(For flags/banners with grommets (indoor or outdoor use))  Follow manufacturer's instructions.

1. Unscrew plastic screw from EZ-Mount ring.

2. Slide ring onto flagpole.

3. Thread plastic screw through the flag's grommets and screw back into EZ-Mount ring.




 (For flags/banners with pole hem and velcro (indoor presentation use))  Follow manufacturer's instructions.

1. Slide pole though sleeve of banner to view positioning.

2. With both pieces of Velcro still joined, remove sticky back from one side and place on pole in desired position.

3. With both pieces of Velcro still joined and now attached to the pole, remove the other sticky back, slide banner sleeve up and into adjacent position and press against the adhesive back.

4. Repeat steps for the bottom of the pole sleeve.





(For flags/banners with grommets (outdoor use))  This clever attachment will reduce the amount of time you spend wrestling your flag and banner from around your flagpole. NeverFurl® is easy to install and comes complete with everything needed including instructions and detailed drawings. Pole not included.