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About US

Our Pledge.

Since 1986, our founding principles have always been:

  • Offer Only The Best Quality Products
  • Sell Them At A Fair Price
  • Be Loyal To Your Customers And They Will Be Loyal To You

That philosophy has been the foundation for our success.




The flag products we manufacture and offer to you are truly the best.

We utilize many suppliers for our stores but we purchase the vast majority of our flags from only two suppliers and they conform to the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality. Your new flag is guaranteed to adhere to the specifications of colors and graphic design as mandated by the Country, State, Civilian or Military organization it represents.

The flag you are purchasing is the same flag that is proudly displayed at the United Nations, numerous state capitals, foreign embassies and major military bases and ships around the world.

We can proudly say that all of our United States flags are guaranteed to be made in the United States of America.



Purchase With Confidence

Our showroom is located in Memphis, TN. at 4550 Summer Avenue.

We are the only flag manufacturer and retailer in Tennessee to be Certified by the Governor's Diversity Business Enterprise program as a Woman Owned Business. We are also an active Member in the Memphis Chamber of Commerce.

We are love our community and our favorite charities are the Veterans Hospital of Memphis and the Memphis Humane Society.



Women Owned Business Enterprise and Local Small Business Enterprise by the Mid-South Minority Business Council. Minority firms are certified under guidelines developed jointly by the MMBC and UCA in accordance with federal regulations (49 CFR). ( Certificate Number 4101952, Expires 2-17-2020 )


Women Owned Business Certification by the Tennessee Governor’s Office of Diversity Business Enterprise (Expires December 3, 2021. Certificate Number 120406-14)


Women Owned Business Certification and Contract Compliance Eligibility Certification by the Shelby County Tennessee office of Diversity. ( Expires June 2022. EOC Number EOC-V-0622-29902), Vendor Number A2540

Locally Owned Small Business Certification by the Shelby County Tennessee office of Equal Opportunity Compliance. ( Expires 7/2/2022, Certification Number LOSB-V-0722-29978, Vendor Number A2540

Women Business Enterprise Certification by the Shelby County Tennessee office of Equal Opportunity Compliance. ( Expires 7/2/2022, Certification Number LOSB-V-0722-29979, Vendor Number A2540


Small Business Certification by the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County. ( Expires October 7, 2020. Registration Number 6309)


State of Tennessee, Statewide Multi-Year Flag Contract ( Vendor # 113176, Contract # NV0039919 ) Expires November 30, 2018


SAM ( US Government Purchasing System ) Registration FLAGCENTER.COM,LLC / Duns Number 040255726 / Cage 4UMZ3


City of Memphis, Certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) & Women Business Enterprise (WBE). This certification is valid until February 17, 2019 Certificate Number 20099722


Nashville International Airport, Certified Small Business Enterprise ( SBE ). This certification is valid until January 3, 2020.