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Cleaning Your Flag

From the chaos of a heated battlefield to the daily flag ceremonies of a scout troop camping high in the mountains, flags have proved to be strong and resilient in all kinds of situations, but not indestructible. Preventing damage to your flag is not always possible, but by following some simple care-taking tips, you can extend the life of your flag.

Dust, smoke, and other harmful pollutants can cause your flag to wear and age quickly. If possible, choose to fly your flag in a clean environment.

When your flag becomes dirty:

  • Wash it in cold water with a mild detergent
  • Make sure to rinse it thoroughly—leaving no residue behind that can cause discoloration
  • If possible, let your flag air dry by attaching back to your flagpole
  • Never place your flag in the dryer
  • Do not store your flag until it is completely dry

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