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How to Replace Flagpole Rope

Please read through the entire set of instructions before you begin. You will need scissors or a knife for cutting the rope and duct tape.

  • Determine which side of the rope to cut.
  • Examine the rope - Choose the side of rope which is free of knots and snap hooks that could prevent you from pulling the old rope through the pulley at the top of the pole.
  • Cut the old rope - Cut the old rope on the side without snap hooks, knots, or other encumbrances. Be sure to hold each end of the cut rope tightly. You don’t want the rope to fly up the pole and out of the pulley.
  • Attach new rope to the old -Using a "High Quality" Duct tape, securely attach one end of the new rope to one end of the old. Make sure your rope will still flow freely through the pulley.
  • Replace old rope with the new rope -Pull the other side of the old rope so it pulls the new rope up the pole and through the pulley.
  • Once the new rope is through the pulley and back down to you, cut the old rope loose. Keep hold of the two pieces of rope. Note: Burning the ends of the new rope will prevent the rope from fraying.
  • Tie the ends of the new rope together. One square knot and two half hitches will work nicely.
  • Anchor the new rope to the pole by wrapping several times around a cleat.