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7 Ways to Save Big Money on Flags

7 Ways to Save Big Money on Flags

1. Repair flags 5' x 9.5' and Larger 


You can double or triple the life of your American flags by returning them for repair. Not all damage is repairable.

2. Smaller Flag for High Wind Season


Large flags take a beating in high winds. During your high wind season consider stepping down one or two sizes to reduce flag snap and flag cost.

3. Correct Flag for Your Application

Our Nylon American flag with embroidered stars and locked stitched sewn stripes is the most popular American flag manufactured. However, it's not the best flag for all applications. If you have extreme high winds our Duratex or High Wind Flags will be more durable. If you have extremely light winds our low-cost nylon flag might be the better choice. If you have questions about the most desirable flag for your conditions drop us a note or call our office for personal assistance.

4. Maintain Laminar Flow mm1.jpg

Laminar flow means the wind moves smoothly across the two surfaces of the flag. Good laminar flow can be achieved when the flag header is stretched tight causing the flag to have nice, even waves rolling down its length. It also creates an outstanding visual presentation.

5. Replace Flagpole Eagle with Ball 


If you have an eagle ornament topping your flagpole you may find the American flag hung up on the wings. You can reduce the chance of this happening by lowering the flag approximately 1 foot from its current position or replace the eagle with one of our large slippery ball ornaments.

6. Don't Allow Flag to Touch Roof or Branches      


Asphalt shingles and branches are like sandpaper on a flag. Cut the branches or move the pole.

7. Take Flags down during Hurricanes and Tornadoes 


Sounds incredibly obvious but you wouldn't believe how many of our customers forget this simple idea when bad weather is approaching.